As a child, my home life was unstable and unsafe. I was born into generations of trauma. Unfortunately, this trauma manifested in many forms of abuse: alcohol, domestic, emotional, and verbal. I also survived the suicide of my oldest brother after he ended his life with a shotgun. I was eighteen years old at the time.

The abuse I suffered and the trauma I faced catapulted me into a deep search for more. Everything in me said, “there has to be more out there.” I eventually discovered more: there was God! I was saved as an adult, but I carried a significant amount of baggage. I was hurting. I didn’t trust men. I fought to be heard. I was suffering with PTSD and depression. I wanted to matter.

In 2019, I experienced another traumatic event that pulled the rug out from under me. Because of this, I finally crumbled under the weight of all I’d been through. I then began to fiercely chase my healing. I knew God was going to heal me, I just didn’t know how. I refused to give up. I kept seeking and knocking because God told me if I seek and knock, I will find him. And I did! Through much prayer, counseling, deep conversations, tearful worship, and a trip to Israel, I found my healing. But it required a considerable amount of work. I knew God was somehow going to purpose my pain.

Searching for purpose in the midst of my trials led me to become a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach. I am passionate about helping others walk through their pain – not around it, but through it. My first-hand experience gives me a heart of compassion and understanding. God wants to purpose your pain, but it starts with you taking the first step toward being set free from trauma. I see you. I hear you. I’ve been there. You MATTER! You matter to me, but most importantly, you matter to God! I’m excited to walk alongside you, as we work through your past trauma and into your life of freedom!

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